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Tires Malhotra, Alliance, Galaxy, BKT, Continental, Cultor, Kenda, Deli, Armour, Durmax, Voltyre, Voltire, Belshina, Kama for seeder, plow, harrow, cultivator, sprayer, etc. Sowing equipment.


range 5.00-15 6PR TS06 TT 84/71A8 Halves,

tire 5.00-15 6PR BKT AS-504,

tires 5.00-15 6PR BKT TF9090,

tire 6.00-9 12PR Deli S369,

tire 6L-12 F-140M Ns2 BSHK,

rail 6.5 / 80-15 8PR BKT AS-505,

rails 6.70-15 6PR Advance I1A,

rail 6.70-15 6PR BKT edge I-1,

шина 7.5L-15 6PR AS-Farmer Continental,

tire 7,5l-15 8PR BKT AS-504,

7.5L-15 6PR AS-AGRI 10 Cultivator,

tire 7.50L-16 Fbel-253M Ns2,

tire 7.50-16 Alliance 324 8PR-herringbone,

rack 7.60-15 8PR Advance I1A,

rail 7.60-15 Advance I-1 8PR 106c,

rails 7.60-15SL 10PR 109D BKT rib I-1,

tires 8.25-15 (230/90-15) 119A6 8PR Voltair I-372,

tire 9.5L-14SL 8PR BKT I-1 Impl,

шина 9.5L-15SL Alliance 542 12PR 121B,

tire 9.5L-15 8PR Kenda K401 Farm rib,

tire 9.5L-15 8PR I1 TL Armor 1090 kg,

tire 9.5L-15SL 12PR 111B Malhotra MIM 104,

tires 9.5L-15SL 112B 8PR Voltair IF-127,

шина 11L-14SL 8PR BKT Farm Imp I-1 Dot,

tires 11L-15 SL 12PR 121B Malhotra MIM 104,

tire 11L-15 FI 12PR 121J Malhotra FI05,

шина 11L-15SL 12PR BKT F Imp I-1 Dot Sbrt,

tire 11L-15 128J BKT Farm Highway special lr-f,

шина 11L-15SL Galaxy rib 12PR 121B,

tire 11L-15 12PR I1 TL Armor 1450 kg

rails 11L-15 10PR Kenda K401 Farm rib,

шина 11L-15 121B 12PR Voltyre Agro If-120,

tire 11L-15SL 121B 12PR Voltyre IF-127,

шина 12.5L-15 134J BKT Farm Highway Special lr-f,

шина 12.5L-15SL 12PR BKT Fimp I-1 Dot Sbrt,

rail 12.5L-15 Advance I-1 10PR 123A8,

rail 12.5L-15 12PR I1 Bumper,

tires 12.5L-15SL 14PR 130V Malhotra MIM 104,

шина 12.5L-15FI Galaxy Impmaster 350 126J,

rail 12.5L-15 12PR Durmax I-1,

rail 15x6.00-6 4PR Deli,

tire 16x6.50-8 4PR Deli,

rail 18x9.50-8 4PR Kenda K401,

tire 24x8.00-14.5 (200/60-14.5) 10PR Kenda K401,

tire 30x11.5-14.5 150A8 20PR Delcora Gsp,

rail 31x13.50-15 12PR BKT Flot rib imp,

tire 31x13.50-15 10PR Advance HF-1,

tire 31x15.50-15 12PR Advance I3D,

tire 200/60-14.5 (24x8.00-14.5) 10PR im10 TT 102A8 Mitas,

tire 200/60-14,5 10PR 106A8 Starco Rib,

tire 230/90-15 (8.25-15) 119A6 8PR Voltair I-372,

tire 250/65-14.5 123A8 Starco rib

Delivery across Ukraine by express cargo delivery services: Nova Poshta, SAT, Euroexpress, etc. During the day. All sizes on the website phone: (050) 331-76-20, (067) 533-86-86, Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram: +380 503317620

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